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James Parker

 CEO at 1921 Coworking, Inc. & 1921 Incubator, NFP 

James Parker is CEO and founder of 1921 Coworking and Incubator, located in the heart of the Roseland Community on the far Southside of Chicago.  

The Roseland community, and it’s neighboring community Pullman has a long tradition of excellence in Chicago. Michigan Ave., which runs down Roseland, was once a thriving street of economic growth and strength decades ago.  


1921 Coworking and Incubator has set it’s pillars in this historic neighborhood on this historic street to bring back the shine and pride it once had.  

1921 is the first Black-owned Tech and Manufacturing Incubator to open on the far Southside and has plans to launch more than (350) startups and create more than 15,000 high paying jobs over the next ten years.  

With our business model, we will be able to move low-income and emerging communities forward in 1-2 years instead of decades. 

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