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Dr. Terrence Roberts

Director of Technology Innovation & Business Development at B.I.G, Inc.

With over 35 years of experience in various domains such as business intelligence, data analytics, web technologies, enterprise application integration, application development, enterprise infrastructure support, and program management, Roberts possesses a wealth of expertise. Currently holding a position at B.I.G., Roberts takes charge of designing innovative strategies that harness the potential of technology in both established and emerging markets, including data management, internet-of-things, business process automation, and cloud services. 


During Roberts' tenure, he has contributed to the growth of B.I.G.'s PMIS vendor solutions and clientele across the United States. His extensive background in serving public agencies and Fortune 500 companies has been instrumental in augmenting B.I.G.'s market share. Now, Roberts has set his sights on integrating AI to enhance the capabilities of data analytics in smart city applications. 

Furthermore, Roberts has been actively involved in supporting B.I.G.'s mission to promote and sell PHAZE® both within the United States and internationally. Since 2018, Roberts has personally participated in trade missions to Dubai and Kingston, Jamaica, and is currently engaged in forging strategic alliances in the Middle East and Panama. 

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