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Kwang Jun (KJ) Lee 

Senior Systems Analyst at B.I.G., Inc.

KJ holds a Ph.D. degree in Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) Management, along with a Master of Science in Architecture for Facilities Planning and Management. During his Ph.D. studies, he conducted research on Building Information Model (BIM) to improve data interoperability and handover throughout a building's lifecycle, participating in multiple NIST projects.


Having served as a facility manager for 2 1/2 years in the Republic of Korea Air Force and academic background further enriched his expertise in AEC and Facility management. Over the last decade in B.I.G., he has been actively involved in various BIM and PMIS projects, with a particular focus on e-Builder. KJ’s skill set includes analyzing and interpreting clients' business models and requirements, which he successfully implements into BIM for projects like the Dept of VA Hospital projects. He adeptly utilizes tools like the Revit API and e-Builder PMIS to contribute to significant initiatives, such as the PennDOT Rapid Bridge Replacement project and the Kentucky 1000 Bridges program. 

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