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Sylvie Légère

Co-Founder | President of The Policy Circle

Sylvie Légère is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, philanthropist, and author of Trust Your Voice: A Roadmap to Focus and Influence. With a career spanning multiple sectors, including technology, process, and change management, Sylvie has focused on developing innovative solutions that unite people for the common good and advancing the next generation of change-makers. Her passion for women's empowerment inspired her co-founding The Policy Circle, a nonprofit organization with the mission to inform, equip and connect women to be impactful citizens.  


With a firm commitment to economic and leadership development, Sylvie serves on several local and international boards including First Women's Bank, Poligage, RiseKit, a platform that connects employers to vulnerable communities. Sylvie also serves on the board of many not-for-profit organizations such as Cubs Charities. She has held roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, TD Ameritrade, and now Schwab.  

Through her book, Trust Your Voice: A Roadmap to Focus and Influence, and her Trust Your Voice podcast, both inspired by her lived experiences moving into uncharted territories and developing female civic leaders nationwide, Sylvie is empowering people to ignite the potential in themselves and others. 

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