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Quentella Enty, MBA

Vice President at B.I.G., Inc.

Quentella Enty holds a Master of Business Administration degree and is also a Harvard Business School Alum. Enty’s extensive twenty years of experience in procurement, business development, community service, and bringing diverse organizations to the table with Fortune 500 companies, government, business technical assistance agencies, Ivy League Universities Executive Business Programs and Lenders, has made her a very sought-after business executive and entrepreneurial advisor across the Chicago and national business ecosystem. Enty is pivotal to the preparation and success of the Bush Infotech Group 2023 Summit.


Enty offers B.I.G.’s clients advice for all aspects of developing an enterprise.  Enty’s award-winning career led her to B.I.G. as Director of Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability in 2018 followed by B.I.G. Vice President in 2021.  Enty has been pivotal in assisting B.I.G.’s CEO to transform B.I.G. into a globally positioned business entity. Her professional network, reach into corporate procurement management, United States trade, and export mission opportunity knowledge, and pure expertise in how to get things done are unparalleled.


Enty also is a student of African studies and has supported B.I.G.’s mission to market and sell PHAZE® across the United States and Africa.  Since 2018, Enty has participated in trade missions in person to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nairobi, Kenya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Kingston, Jamaica.  Enty has also performed her craft via virtual trade missions leading Enty to assist in the development of new relationships for B.I.G. with over fifty companies in East and West Africa.

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