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Greg Bush, Jr.

President | CEO | Innovator at B.I.G., Inc.

Greg Bush, Jr. holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Information Technology. He is currently a student of Artificial Intelligence and will apply his studies to designing and building technology products and services. Bush is the owner, President & CEO. He joined KFA in 2001, became Vice President in 2006, and acquired the company in 2017.  In March 2023, KFA turned 30 years old, and with almost six years of ownership successfully completed, the company name is now Bush Infotech Group, Inc. (B.I.G.) 


Bush specializes in Cloud technologies that empower web collaboration, project governance, and controls for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and Facilities industries.   In 2019, after over 20 years of successfully delivering technology solutions and services for large projects and Capital Programs, Bush created PHAZE® winning KFA the US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency “Minority Innovative Technology Firm of the Year” award for 2020.  Bush’s PHAZE has been studied by Harvard Business School where Bush (with his Vice President Quentella Enty) lectured virtually and in person six times in 2022. HBS authored the case study, “KFA, Inc.: Building the Future.” 


Bush has over 30 years of experience in Web technologies, software development and integration, multimedia, computer production, and support services.  Bush and his team utilize his expertise in multimedia including video production, music production, and animation, to enhance B.I.G.’s service offerings with interactive technology training solutions (B.I.G.’s Virtual Mentor), virtual & live-streamed conference productions, and Web and TV commercial production services. 


Bush pursues innovative uses of information systems to deliver data to clients, which is the core of B.I.G.’s business.  B.I.G. differentiates itself from its competition by providing turnkey solutions that stress the importance of data over paper.  B.I.G. seeks to digitize organizations. Bush thrives on being an information technologist and has a passion for the power of data.  According to Bush, "The ability to analyze and take action on data is increasingly important to B.I.G.’s clients. Data, its visualization to provide performance feedback and decision support, and its re-purposing for downstream use is the future. Furthermore, AI now provides opportunities for data like never before.”

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